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Faye out on Mother's Day

News from a few days ago:

Faye Wong and husband Li Yapeng were spotted on the 13th out and about leaving their residence to go to a restaurant.

At 2:30pm, May 13th, Faye and Li left their residency to head over to a restaurant. With media following behind, the couple arrived at their destination in about ten minutes. Faye was wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans as she sat in the backseat of the car, her pregnant belly apparent.

Although she is only a short while away from her due date, Faye was still glowing with health, her edema cleared, her walk brisk. According to some reports, Faye is only two days away from giving birth on the 15th, but we'll have to wait and see if those turn out to be true!

from FayeWongFan.com

*Most news reports are saying Faye is due tomorrow, the 18th, now that their stories turned out to be wrong. :P*
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^^ .. i love the second picture... and her belly is amazing o___o.. thx^^
the rumors about fayes baby are sometimes totally ridiculous ... hk media says it will be a girl with a similar charakter to Cecilia Cheung *eyes roll ...

Same, I've never really see Faye preggers before. Considering her slender frame, one would have imagined how unproportioned her body might look like.

But then again, she looks radiant; a feature of most expectant mums. Also, looks like she can get her pre-baby body fast. Look at her, seems like she has not gained much weight!
wow, shes big, but looks good.