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its a......

girl, finally faye gave birth today at 1:30pm. congrats!!!!
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Yesss!!! Greetings!!!
CONGRATS TO FAYE! That's great news
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thats faye before checking in....
arrgghhh!!! so happy!!! :o) :o)
its a shame that they would hassle a pregnant woman while shes trying to get into the hospital to give birth. thank the goddess she and baby are doing okay, now lets hope she can get her infant home safely!!!
woo! Congrats to Faye and her family.
Congratulations to Faye, Li Yapeng and Tong too ^__^
o___o she gaves birth wehn I was waking up these day XDD
and its also the same day I went to the Dir en Grey concert ...
Congratulations to faye, LYP, Tong and the family ...